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SHR300 high speed mixer


SHR-300 liter series high speed mixer
First, use:
SHR series high-speed mixer is mainly used for the mixing of various resins such as polyethylene, polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride, etc., mixing, coloring, drying and drying, devolatilization and other processes before the processing of engineering plastics such as ABS polycarbonate. It can also be used for the mixing of phenolic resins.
Second, the main performance and specifications
Hot mix part:
Total volume: 300 liters
Effective volume: 250 liters
Stirring number: 3
Stirring speed: 475/950 rpm
      Mixing time: 10-15 minutes / pot
Voltage: 380 volts
      Spindle speed: 480/960 rpm
      Power: 40/55KW
Vertical electric control box: 1
Use gas source: compressed air 0.39-0.49 MPa
Electric control box dimensions: (length × width × height) 650 × 350 × 1300mm




Third, the structure description:
The hot mixing part is composed of a pot body, a pot cover, a transmission part, a base, a discharge port and the like. The pot body is welded from stainless steel, which shows that it is extremely smooth and hard, and has the characteristics of wear resistance, corrosion resistance and difficulty in staining.
    The lid is cast from aluminum alloy, which indicates that it has been finished and polished. After being lifted up by the cylinder lifter cover, it can be rotated horizontally clockwise by 70°C in the vertical direction, which is light and easy to use. Do not use excessive force to prevent injury to the wall. The hole is filled with resin, speed increasing agent and stabilizer. The user can arrange it according to his own needs. The center is a venting hole to prevent the person from accidental stirring when the lid is not covered. The lid valve and motor The work is interlocked. When the lid valve is working, the switch is not connected and the motor cannot be started. The lid valve cannot be opened while the motor is operating.
The deflector is used to enhance the mixing effect. A temperature measuring thermocouple is installed in the panel. The material temperature can be read on the indicator and used to manually control the manual discharge of the discharge port.
The mixing slurry of the mixer is driven by the motor through the skin. The motor is an AC two-speed motor. By pressing the low and high speed buttons, low speed can be achieved. However, it must be noted that when the motor is to be operated at a high speed, the motor should be started at a low speed, and then the spindle should be driven by the bearing at a high speed. There are three stirring pulps on the upper part of the main shaft, which rotate clockwise to make the material move along the wall of the pot on the one hand, and simultaneously turn up and down and the function of the deflector at the same time, so that the mixing effect is better. Since the material is moving at a high speed, the friction between the material and the slurry is very high, which causes the temperature of the material to rise rapidly. Not only the heating amount of the wall of the pot is reduced correspondingly, but also the absorption effect of the resin on the speed increasing agent is facilitated. The agitating pulp is made of stainless steel and carefully machined to wear and corrosion.
    The pot body is made of stainless steel, and the inner wall is extremely smooth and hard, and has the characteristics of wear resistance, corrosion resistance and non-sticking.
The base is welded by steel plate and angle steel. It is equipped with adjusting bolts to adjust the tension of the transmission triangle. The bottom is equipped with anchor screws and the base.
The discharge part is cast from an aluminum alloy. It is equipped with a starting discharge door. The cylinder and the material door are directly connected by one line, the pressure is reliable, the sealing is good, the opening and closing is flexible, and one air compressor of 0.39-0.49Mpa is used (selected by the user), and the unloading mode can be automatically controlled by the material temperature in the pot. And use the button to manually control the opening and closing of the discharge door.
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The main technical parameters:

參數/型號总容积 L有效容積电机功率 KW主軸轉數rpm加熱方式卸料方式