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Pe pipe extruder


The composition of the PE pipe production line: the pipe production line consists of a control system, an extruder, a head, a fixed cooling system, a tractor, a planetary cutting device and a turning frame. Each pipe production line has two extruders, one of which mainly uses a powerful conveyor bushing and a high-efficiency screw, and the other smaller extruder is used to extrude the marking line.
The extruder screw uses a barrier section and a mixing section, and the barrel has a new type of groove. All of these new designs are designed to increase plasticization and mixing. Specially designed HDPE (PP, ABS) basket-type membranes provide lower dissolution temperatures, good mixing results, low head pressure, and good stable yield.
The specially designed cooling and sizing system uses water circulation to cool HDPE (PP, ABS) raw materials, which is suitable for the cooling of the above raw materials. The special design has a stable diameter and roundness and is suitable for the production of thick-walled tubes.
The specially designed vacuum sizing box ensures stable diameter size and roundness and uses a speed control system to stabilize the traction speed.
The whole production line adopts PLC control and LCD screen control panel, which is easy and convenient to operate. It is possible to add a color-coded extruder so that the produced pipe has a color-coded line.
product description:
1. With single screw extruder, it is suitable for extrusion of PE resin with high output and the highest output is 1000 kg per hour.
2. The production line adopts reasonable design, adopts safe production design and obtains CE safety certification.
3. PE pipe diameter range is 16mm-800mm, which can be converted into inch system to meet the special requirements of customers.