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PET sheet production line


The PET sheet production line developed by Zhangjiagang Ruiteyou Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. has a compact structure, large and stable output, reasonable equipment configuration and high degree of automation. PET sheets can be produced from 100% PET sheet-like recycled materials; PET sheets can be thermoformed. Processing a variety of packaging products, with good gas barrier properties, without other additives, pure and hygienic, with good toughness and ductility, excellent recycling performance, etc., can be widely used in medicine, food appliances, toys, etc. Packaging and the printing industry
Extruder: Parallel twin-screw extruder has high output, good plasticization, vacuum exhaust improves product quality, and can process a variety of plastics;
Metering pump: The melt metering pump made of heat-resistant alloy steel ensures the stable pressure and flow rate of the solution;
Mold: The mold is made of high-quality alloy steel with high-activity throttling device to make the flow distribution evenly in the die;
Traction: The cooling roller adopts large diameter, low temperature and S-shaped discharge, which increases the forced cooling area and shortens the length of the production line. The traction adopts the rubber and steel roller pair traction, which ensures the friction required for traction and ensures the surface quality of the sheet. .
Electric welding treatment: remove surface static electricity, increase surface tension and ensure printing quality.
Double-station winding: Two torque motors are used for power, and the air-up shaft is a reel, which is separately wound.
Sheet width: ≤1500mm, thickness: 0.2-1.5mm