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PVC wood plastic sheet production line


PVC wood-plastic sheet production line adopts specially designed SJZ conical twin-screw extruder, AC frequency conversion control, imported brand temperature control instrument, with wide speed range, high temperature control precision, convenient and reliable operation. The auxiliary machine consists of a vacuum setting table, a tractor, a cutting machine and a pusher frame. Equipped with a large forced cooling device to ensure the shape of the sheet. The crawler type traction machine adopts precision geared motor and frequency converter, which has the advantages of reasonable structure, large traction and stable traction. The cutting machine has the advantages of reliable operation, accurate and high cutting precision. The pusher frame is provided with a movable pusher trolley and a special rubber protective layer, which has the advantages of no damage to the material and easy use.
PVC wood-plastic sheet production line, the product produced - plastic wood foam board concentrates the advantages of wood and plastic, not only has a natural appearance and overcomes the inadequacies of natural wood, and has good processing properties similar to wood. Saw, ingot, planer, can be completed with woodworking tools, and the nail holding power is obviously superior to ordinary wood materials; it has the physical and mechanical properties such as compressive and impact resistance comparable to hardwood, and its durability is obviously superior to ordinary Wood materials; plastic wood materials and products, can resist strong acid and alkali, water, corrosion, and do not breed bacteria, not easy to be infected by insects, not long fungus; can also resist aging, anti-static, flame retardant.
Characteristics of articles produced using this equipment:
1. Stability: The substrate is not deformed, which overcomes the defects of common wood profiles such as shrinkage, deformation and cracking.
2, functional: anti-insect, no mold; easy to clean, the surface does not fall off.
3. Environmental protection: It has passed the test of the national environmental protection department to solve the problem of decoration pollution and guide the new fashion of environmental protection decoration.
4. Practicality: It has all the installation and processing properties of solid wood, which can be nailed, planed and painted.
5, decorative: strong wood sense, can be equipped with a variety of colors and molding more complex shapes, eliminating the trouble of color difference.
6, economy: easy to install, free of a lot of general wood planing, grinding and other processes. The scrap can be recycled and reused, and the comparison can save more than 30% of the processing cost.