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Flat double granulation production line


Parallel co-rotating twin-screw extrusion system:
The screw and the cylinder adopt the "building block type" structure, which has good interchangeability. The piece is broken and replaced. If the taper twin screw is not a little bit, it has to be replaced. It can be used in any combination according to different materials processing technology; the cylinder is made of nitrided steel and bimetal, which is wear-resistant.
Corrosion-resistant and prolonged service life; threaded components are made of nitrided steel and high-speed steel, combined with unique processing technology to ensure the normal tooth of the thread working section
Surface clearance, and self-cleaning property; specially designed connection mode and transmission device enhance the strength of threaded components and mandrel. The above measures achieve uniform material dispersion, good mixing and plasticizing effect, and material lag
Short retention time and high conveying efficiency.
Speed reduction system:
Using plastic machinery special gearbox, [1] transmission parts are respectively made of high-quality, ultra-high alloy carburizing steel, combined with carburizing, quenching, grinding process, key parts increase surface strengthening treatment, teeth
Surface strength HRC54-62, core hardness HRC30-40, gear 6 grade, the system has high speed, high torque, low noise and so on.
Feeding system:
The twin-screw with agitator is used to quant