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SHJ series in-phase parallel twin-screw extruder


TSK co-parallel twin-screw extruder is a highly efficient mixing and extruding equipment. It consists of a "∞"-shaped machine and two screws that are mutually intermeshing. It is equipped with a transmission system and a control system. A special extrusion granulation and forming processing equipment formed by the feeding system. The screw body adopts the building block design principle, which makes it possible to change the length of the cylinder and select different screw component combinations according to the characteristics of the material in order to achieve the best working conditions, the most effective adaptation to various process requirements, and the maximum. The limit exerts its effect; because it has good mixing, dispersing, devolatilization and self-cleaning action, it avoids the inclusion of shaft and wall in the extrusion process, and at the same time, it is more favorable for volatilization as the surface of the rotating material of the screw is continuously updated. Dehydration/de-melting agent treatment, high-speed dissolution.